The Unity Glue
Principles and strategies for a maintainable Unity project structure

Thesis (pdf / html)

Appendix (pdf)

Dear game developer community

After three years, I finally managed to link my master thesis on this website. Why did it take so long? I always thought that I would find time to update the context and enhance specific paragraphs. Unfortunately, reality proved me wrong, time was too scarce. Since I received a lot of questions and requests via twitter about the thesis, therefore I decided to upload the version as it was back in 2017.

It was written for Unity 5 back in the days, but most of it still applies to the current Unity versions. So if somebody can benefit from it, I am more than happy. Feel free to contact me if you have a specific question (it might take some time to answer so, please be patient):

You can also reach me via Twitter, GitHub or Linked-In.

In addition to the thesis I also made this short video:

I also got invited by Unity to talk about Multi-Scene-Editing at Unite Europe 17 (I was nervous as hell):